Initial Fingbox supporters left out

I am an early supporter of Fingbox. I pre-order my fingbox through indiegogo back in 2016 and thus helped its final development. I waited until it finally arrived and saw it come to life as a useful network tool. Its features although basic were useful and sufficed to me.

Then came the obligation to purchase the app, oups… fingbox owners were allowed to get it for free.
Then came memberships to allegedly get more rich features i did not need or want,
Then came user interface changing more frequently than weather…
Then came progressive feature stripping, that to get back needed a membership. Bit by bit useful features were removed from the free features forcing users to purchase memberships.

Now my fingbox is useless without paying a for a suscription. It does not track my internet history more than 7 days, dont sent me reports, and dont send me notifications that my network needs attention.

this sucks as i use to love this device. 


  • Dem
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    Completely agree. Yet another greedy startup

  • Jay
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    I guess that as the original crowd funders became a smaller proportion of the user base they have become less important to fing. I imagine fing’s owners may, by now, having monetarised their product maybe looking for a buyer to give them their ultimate payday.

    If perhaps that is the intention I for one won’t be helping to crowdfund their next endeavour, the wool has been lifted from my eyes after this experience.