Help! - how do I set up a pre-used Fingbox V2? - Pulsing blue light and app can't find the box

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Help!  I've bought a pre-used Fingbox V2 and am setting it up.  It's all plugged in as per the Fingbox 101 instructions and I have the app on my phone, but the Fingbox is pulsing blue and when I go to 'add Fingbox' in the app it can't find it.

The previous owner said they'd reset it, so I'd assumed it'd be ready to go - do I need to do anything different to attach it to my account? (I've sent through a DM with the serial no(?) from the back of the box)

Any suggestions? @Ciaran, @Karl_From_Fing



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    Hey @Jaq
    I have opened a support ticket in relation to this request, please respond to the email at your earliest convenience!