Add a second network to monitor?

I have my primary network we'll call it - "Private Network"
I have over 100 smart home devices. 
For security reasons, I created a new network "Smart Home Network" for all my smart home stuff. 
Both networks run off of my FortiGate firewall and I can allow limited traffic between them as needed. I have a firewall rule to allow my server running Fing on my private network full access into the smart home network to monitor it. 

My server with Fing is on, but it seems to only auto detect the network.  I do not see a way to tell Fing desktop to also monitor Is this possible?  

I thought about buying a fingbox and just throwing it in the smarthome network, but it appears Fingboxes are discontinued since they have been out of stock for well over a year. 



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    Hi @x51 , the Fing apps, be they desktop or mobile, can only monitor the networks they are currently attached to.  The Fingbox can only monitor one network and thats the one its currently registered on.  To work around this, others have installed multiple Fingboxes (one per network) or have multiple devices that can run the desktop or mobile app they can remotely access on each network.
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    Thank you @Marc for your response!
    Additionally @x51 you can purchase a Fingbox from
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    As near as I can tell Fingbox does network detection through ARP. Unfortunately ARP does not cross VLANs as it's a layer 2 broadcast. This even if the firewall rules allow Fingbox to see the other subnets it won't see the ARP requests because they'll never get past a switch.

    I do wonder however if you set a span port on a switch and connected the Fingbox to that span would it be able to detect the other devices? Ultimately you're probably best off using your fortigate firewall and having it email you when new devices join.,