Error Message:Network netmask (prefix length) is not tuned correctly Home network is too wide

I have an eero router and a fing box.  The error message:  Network netmask (prefix length) is not tuned correctly.  Home network is too wide: 192.168....., up to 1024 devices.

Not sure what this means I need to do on my router settings, if anything.  Any assistance here would be most appreciated.  I am on hold with eero now and not sure how long it will take to speak to an agent...  Thank you!


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    Hi @microbarney hopefully you have managed to get Eero to resolve your problem, if not please post the full error message here so that the community can start trying to help out, thanks.
  • microbarney
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    Done.  All fixed.  Thank you.
  • Nate_C
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    I get same message, what solved it?

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    Hey @Nate_C
    The issue was resolved by the original poster reaching out their network provider. May I ask if you have been in touch with yours as of yet? If not, it would be a good place to start!