High Bandwidth Usage

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Can you explain the high level of bandwidth usage of Fing that Glassswire is reporting?
The attached screen capture shows the 6+GB usage just so far for the month of March 2022...


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    What settings have you enabled or changed? Anything device specific? When you have Fing monitor traffic, block devices, basically anything all that traffic is going to go through the app. There app is also going to create a lot of constant traffic telling there rest of the network which traffic needs to be routed to the app. Without all that traffic telling the network too route through the app it would go directly to the gateway, the app would never know about it by design. 
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    Windows Network&Internet > Advanced network settings > Data Usage shows fingagent.exe generated 17.5 Gb of traffic in the same period that my main browser used 27 Gb and Zoom about the same amount as fingagent.  What is going on?  I never asked Fing to do anything but provide a few inventories of the devices on my network.  I have enabled no settings to my knowledge. I can see the Fing might be able to do a lot of nifty sniffing around, but I haven't switched on anything to account for this much traffic.  Perhaps I'm naive but I would think a program like Fing would default to a very light footprint and only suck up bandwidth when it is asked to do more.