How can I check the internet speed of a specific device on my network ?

I have a WIFI Extender that I'm now using to try and drive better and more stable results from a HIFI Streaming System that I have... but the WIFI Extender keeps falling off the network, and I have to turn it off and on again to get it to rejoin. The location of HIFI Streaming System is one room away from my main Eir Router (Wifi6) has weak WIFI, so I'm using the Extender to help try and boost the signal of that area and I thought with an ethernet connection to my HIFI Streaming System, get the best possible results. 

How can I check the strength of the signal now that I'm using the Extender. The Extender is now located right next to my HIFI Streaming Unit and connected by Ethernet. If I use WIFI only on my HIFI streaming unit the signal on my Bluesound app shows as WEAK. But with the new Wifi Extender solution I don't know what the connection is like... is it any better or not.

I don't really know much about how Fing works or what it does... but here is a screenshot of a PING test that I did with the Extender active and on the network. Is that a good or bad result ?

Any suggestions or comments most welcome.



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    Without a lot more specific network info and troubleshooting let me share one important fact about using any WiFi extender, it will cut down the WiFi speed to any device connected to it by half. The missing half is used by the extender repeating all the traffic back to your main WiFi Device.