Bug in Fing app: wrong IP for Fritz.Box

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it seems like the fing app (Android) is getting more buggy with the time. I'm using it already since years, but now it really gets annoying and unreliyable. 
Everything startet some weeks/months ago during christmas. I think there was an update from the app, because since this, it only makes "bullsh*t". During this time, the app did not detect several devices in the network anymore, even if I could ping them via the app! But its still persists that the devices are offline. Also the Fritz Box IP is totally wrong. The shown IT address does not even exist in the network, but the fing app still persists in showing the wrong one.

So what did I do for troubleshooting:
1. delete cache and temp files -> same problem
2. deinstalled and reinstalled -> same problem
3. Do Step 1, then Step 2, then create a completely new account with no "known" networks. -> here we go, everything works as expected.... ye... for some days. After several scans (some days between) it appears that the same issue occures again. 

My Fritz Box IP Address is (and is really: (/24)
Withing Fing the device does not exist. But I can ping the box with the ping feature in the app.
Fing also says that the Box has the IP Address:, which does not exist in the network. I even cannot ping the address via other PC or via fing app. I have no clue why the app persists in this behaviour.

Does anybody of you have an idea?!
Can I report this as a bug?
The app is totally useless if its working like this.
btw: also several devices start to disappear in the listing within the app. (Yes I still can ping them and of course they are available)

Thanks for your patience :)



  • Robin_Ex_Fing
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    Hi @S_Frost
    In order to investigate, Can you please let me know if your Fritzbox supports VPN? Also, Have you tried only deleting the network and then scanning the network again to see if correct results are shown? Can you try using Fing desktop and then check the IP address of all devices?
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • S_Frost
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    Hi Robin,
    sure, let me add more details here:
    1. I know that in my case the IP is reserved for the VPN. Yes its activated and working fine. If I connect a device via VPN, its gets this IP and I can ping it. 

    2. If I delete the network it has no effect. It seems like there is somewhere a cache or something. As I said already, the only solution here was (but only for a short time) to delete everything -> the network, the app cache and the app itself. If I do a scan on a fresh installed fing app without any account connected, its detecting everything correct. Now if I login to my account again... after some scans, it starts again to make IP's disappear.

    I hope this helps for better understanding :)

    ps.: If I take a look in play store latest fing comments, it seems like I'm not the only one who has this problem. 
  • Karl_From_Fing
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    Hey @S_Frost
    We are looking into this and will get back to you ASAP