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Sorry if this is being redundant, but similar to others, I am unable to activate a Fing Box. I plugged it into the router, the light turns to flashing green, and in the app on my Android a scan gives me a pop-up saying a box is detected, do I want to activate it? I select activate and it flips to the "looking for Fingbox" screen and never does anything after that. Waiting a LONG time. Tried restarting the box....
Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hi @mpenda

    In order to make the first connection to your Fingbox, it needs to be connected directly to the router. If you have multiple devices plugged into the router, then you can use a switch and free one of the ports for Fingbox by connecting those devices to a switch that connects back to the router.

    To assist with setting up your Fingbox set up, please follow the steps below.

    Finding your Fingbox

    1. Power up your Fingbox

    2. Wait for the GREEN top circle (NOT the green LED on the ethernet port)

    3. Connect your phone to the WiFi network your Fingbox is connected to

    4. Launch the Fing app and run a scan

    5. Wait for the Fingbox activation popup

    Also, under App Settings, please make the following 2 changes:

    1. Disable Reverse DNS Lookup

    2. Change the Maximum network size to match your network size.

    To do this:

    • Open the Fing app and Sign in.

    • Tap on the Avatar icon from the bottom tab

    • Scroll down and Click on 'App Settings'

    • Scroll down and go to the "Maximum Network Size" setting and select the size based on the number of devices connected to network in your house.

    If you are unable to see the Fingbox, then please remove all old network from the Fing App and then run the scan again and then try to find the Fingbox again.

    To delete the network from the Fing App, please follow these steps:

    • Sign in to Fing App and from the Home tab, click on "3 lines icon"

    • This will take you through to the All Networks screen which contains a list of all your networks.

    • Swipe left on the Network or long tap on the network and then click on the Delete that appears. This will remove the network you have already configured.

    • Go to 'Accounts & Settings' display (by clicking on the icon/avatar in the bottom tab)

    • Click on 'Account storage'

    • Click 'Synchronize'

    a) The top circle LEDs never turns GREEN. There is only a WHITE led.

    This means that there may be a problem with the system startup.

    To solve the issue please try a few power cycles and leave the Fingbox for up to 30 mins. Please also ensure that the Fingbox is plugged directly into a power source on the wall (as opposed to a power extension chord)

    b) The top circle is GREEN but the Fingbox is not found

    Make sure to connect the Fingbox to your main router or WiFi access point. Disconnect Wi-Fi extenders or power line bridges. Also, make sure that your mobile phone is connected to same wifi(access point) on which Fingbox is connected.

    Log-in to your account:

    Make sure you are signed in to your Fing account. You can check this from the second tab MY NETWORKS. If not, you may create a new account from that tab, and try to discover again the network to enable the Fingbox. Just click “Get A Fing Account” from the MY NETWORKS tab.

    Please let me know if anything changes.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    My Fing box is plugged directly into a port on my router/AP. This is the AP that my Android connects to via WiFi.
    I turned off Reverse DNS lookups.
    I set the correct size for my network (/24).
    I deleted the network (there's only one) and synchronized.
    I get the same result. The scan finds an unactivated Fing box, but once I select "Activate" it goes into "Looking for Fingbox" mode and never returns, which is odd because it found it once to prompt me to activate it.
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    Hey @mpenda
    May I ask you to DM myself or @Robin_from_Fing the MAC address of your Fingbox?