Marmitek doorbell

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My device is a marmitek doorbell but not listed in the device list. Ist it possible to make a change in the list?

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    Hey @Novan007

    To correct the misidentified device on Fing desktop, please follow the steps below:  

    • Open the Fing Desktop

    • Sign in and Go to the Home tab  

    • Scan for devices.

    • If the device is still recognized incorrect then Click on the specific device  

    • Click on Icon "Recognize" device  

    If you click on the device then you will see the 'Recognise' button on Fing desktop.

     If you can't find the requested option then if you scroll down from the same page, you will get an option that will say 'My device is not listed.

    You can try different suggestion and once fing is not able to provide suggestion then the option will appear automatically.