4th Access Point on Network at channel #149 and 00:00:00:00:00

I have a Nokia router with 3 access points - all 3 within broadcast from the 1 router. There are not three different physical access points.

There is a 4th and unknown access point on fing that is of the same Wifi name and says it's a Xerox brand. I don't have a printer on the network.  

Some of my devices have shown as being offline for days, when they are in fact online. Are they being routed to this access point which is why they say offline? 

I know every MAC address and device on my network. 

Has my router been cloned? Or is this the actual Nokia Router broadcasting wrong? I have security issues with my ex so it's very important.  

How do I proceed? I have MacBooks, iOS devices, Vizio Tv's with SmartCast turned off and a PS4. That's it. Thank you in advance! 


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    What model Router and what model access points do you have?
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    Hi Marc, So Cute - Daphnee!

    I have a Nokia 5G21 Gateway from TMobile with no external access points setup. The access points are internal to the device. 

    The setup on the Router is 
    one 2.4 ghz Access Point given SSID 1
    two 5 ghz Access Points given SSID 5 and SSID 9

    You name the Network (WeWifi outlined in red) and all three SSID's (access points) are automatically assigned this name. 

    There are 12 "access points" available on this device.

    SSID 1-4 are reserved for 2.4 ghz (with #1 automatically assigned)
    SSID 5-12  are reserved for 5 ghz  (with #5 and #9 automatically assigned) 

    I'm logged into SSID6-NEW which I created to show that this happens with any SSID. There is the 00:00:00:00:00:00 with the SAME channel, but different signal, different security settings (WPA,WPA2 Personal). 

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    This is an interesting router...  It looks like each radio supports 4 SSID's, so 3 radios x 4 SSID would be 12...  I've never seen that before but the instructions from T-Mobile bear this out.  I don't think you're seeing anything nefarious here.  Just a really complicated cellular router.  Perhaps you can contact T-Mobile to see if your doing this correctly or maybe someone in the forums has experience with this type of router can chime in?  I wish I can help you more but this one is new to me...

    And Daphnee appreciates the compliment..  :smile:

    Thats Daphnee, she's a good dog...