Fingbox blocks router from establishing WIFI network

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I am using an ASUS RT-AC5300 router for my WIFI network. The WIFI network works normally without the Fingbox. However, when I connect the Fingbox to an open port on the router I immediately lose the WIFI signal. The Fingbox appears to be blocking the router for some reason. Does anyone know what might be causing this? I am hoping this particular router does not have a compatibility issue with Fingbox.


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    Hi @toddca...  I moved this to the Fingbox area for you for relevance.  I did see a past issue a customer had with your router model and it looks like @Robin_from_Fing was involved so tagging him to see if he can help you out.  @Robin_from_Fing, this is the thread...  
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    Thanks @Marc
    Are you able to see under Fing mobile app if you are devices shows as blocked? Can you assign a static IP address to Fingbox from router settings and then perform a power cycle and then check if it is cutting the internet or not? Thanks
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