How can I disconnect devices on my iPhone and network

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    If you are seeing devices that you know are not yours on your network, assuming you have your wifi secured, its probably time to change your SSID and associated password.  The new password should be fairly complex and long.  

    Before you do this though, from your routers app or web interface, delete those devices that are not yours.  Then change your password and reboot the router.  Watch it for a bit after it comes back up to make sure they no longer join.

    One last thing, make sure those devices are indeed not yours before going down this path.  Sometimes devices might register with different device names than what you're expecting to see.  Best way to tell is to see what IP address is registered on your router and what IP address is actually being used by your device.  If they match, you have your device.  if not, you are safe to delete it.
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    In additional to Marc's good advice, if you have a Fingbox could block individual devices so that you can prove you're removing the correct device (& leave it permanently Blocked if necessary).