On android phone, page with open ports, displays #62078, blue box, iPhone syncing . If I click start

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what does that do? I know-ish its my neighbor iphone, but just don't have time for a long lesson, (maybe a rock)..thanks in advance.

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    Bonjour was also there, with code I was too tired to figure out.. So, I let him use my wifi ( home router) for important phone calls, and he's using it, on his I phone to connect with another device, or websites, what have you, Do I have a nominal understanding? πŸ€” I'll figure it out - thanks for responding- SO helpful! ( think bouncing a rock of his head still has merit) πŸ˜‰ thanks for the lesson~


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    Hi @SoDone
    As I can see from the port 62078,Β it is used when syncing, the iPhone pairs with a Mac or PC and uses mDNS / Bonjour to look for computers that it has been previously paired with.
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