remote server unreachable

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Since a few days, Fing does not work anymore on my Windows 10 client.

Fing Service not found
We're reconnecting to the Fing Service.
If you keep seeing this page, try rebooting or reinstalling the latest version of Fing App to resolve the issue.
If the problem persists, you can contact us at [email protected]

 Last Agent Logs:
ERROR 2022/01/14 11:41:28.057 === fing agent 2.8.0 - ===
ERROR 2022/01/14 11:41:36.626 FingIspInfo | Isp Lookup failed: remote server unreachable
ERROR 2022/01/14 11:41:44.912 FingIspInfo | Isp Lookup failed: remote server unreachable 

Whats wrong? I did a full unistall, cleaned out the fing-service on win, rebooted the client, did a new install with the latest fing-version. but still the same.

Any thoughts? DNS-Problems?


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    If you are using Wireshark then please uninstall Wireshark as it also uses NpCap library which may create a compatibility issue with Fing desktop.

    Can you try to reboot the windows device and then check? if restarting PC hasn't helped to resolve this behavior, these commands may be useful to windows (to launch from Command Prompt as administrator):

    • Stop service command: sc stop Fing.Agent
    • Start service command: sc start Fing.Agent

    If this is unsuccessful, please check under Services.msc and restart the Fing agent service. Here is an external link on how to do that:

    If this is unsuccessful, it may the case that the Fing Agent service has not been installed correctly. Please follow these steps and the issue should be resolved. 

    -> Uninstall WinpCap using Revo(if possible) 

    -> Disable the Npcap driver service and then uninstalled the program. To disable NpCap: 

    - Run this command as an admin: sc.exe config npcap start= disabled
    - Uninstall Npcap

    -> Reboot your device to safe mode with networking 

    ->Download and install new Fing desktop version and then open it. 

    -> Reboot to normal mode and then check if it works for you. 

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