FING DESKTOP - Release Notes Log (DEC 2021 onwards)

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Fing Desktop 2.8.0 (Jan 2022) 

Release Notes:
 - Automated Speed Tests(NEW):  Schedule automated speed tests and generate detailed report about your performance and your ISP trends.
 - Automated Detection of network users(NEW): The names of Network user may be inferred automatically to pre-fill the users in the People tab
 - Fixed search bug: Fing App doesn't filter correctly the entries in the devices table
 - Improved Notifications: Bugfixes and improvements on the notification engine

Fing Desktop 2.7.2 (Dec 2021) 

Release Notes:
 - Fixed Installation Bug: Fing App didn't quit on installation, leaving the update pending
 - Fixed crash on windows drag(Bug): The App may crash if the main window gets dragged across multiple screens

Fing Desktop 2.7.1 (Dec 2021) 

Release Notes:
 - Improved Navigation: Jump to the right tab from the sidebar and go back to the right page using the 'Back' button.
 - Improved Layout: Try the new speed test layout with comparison and experience a cleaner layout in several pages.
 - More options to confirm your devices: Allow to confirm all devices at once or just a subset, and browse the timeline of when each device first joined your network.
 - Less(Memory) is more: We found and fixed some issues that might take up more memory than required.

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