Does Amazon Firestick have an Apple IOS?

Hi. I am showing a device on my network that says it’s an LG Q60 Amazon firestick with an Apple IOS. I do not have a firestick. I do not have an LG. Any idea what the heck this is or possibly could be?


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    Firestick is an Android device, so no to IOS. Your device has been mis-identified so unfortunately you’ll need to do some investigation & then edit and update your Fing results.
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    Cambiamos de cel esté si es el mio

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    Hello @Kscott2828 ,

    I’m going to take a different guess.

    First if you do not know what a device is then always block it with your ISP tools. When or if someone complains then you will unblock it.

    Next I have seen friends use their iPhones as a Firestick remote…so maybe someone was in your home with an iPhone and they use it to control their Firestick at their place. Know of any of your friends or family who do have a Firestick. If yes then maybe it is not miscategorized.