Fing Test Speed - Noticeable differences

I updated fing desktop today and a new feature was introduced call speed test.  It has apparently pulled date from the past few days/week and shows pretty dismal speed performances.  I ran Spectrum's Speed Test, Okla Speed Test, and Mlab's speed test and compared them to a Fing speed test.  Fing Speed Test shows download of 112.8 while all of the others showed downloads of 480.  Not sure how best to report issues but this is a pretty severe discrepancy that needs further review by Fing support.


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    @millewg001, did you try running it multiple times and if so what the discrepancy consistent?  

    On my setup, the first time it ran, it was over 100mbps shy of the others (See below) but was significantly more accurate on subsequent runs.

    Note I pay for 300mbps and I generally see about 320ish download speeds on average.

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    I ran ring speed test (scheduled) over a couple of days.  All results were significantly lower than running other speed tests.  I will try running Fing speed test a few times then retest against the other programs and see if there is an improvement
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    I am also finding significant differences in Download speed results using the Fing desktop app (2.8.0). The Fing results seem to be all over the place but mostly showing between 10 and 20mbps when Ookla and Mlabs show between 95 and 100+. Sometimes the Fing reports a correct speed. I am subscribed to Full Fibre100 from Zen. Oddly the upload speed seems to be accurate and consistent.  I have powered down the Fing box and powered up, rebooted my PC but it makes no difference.  I have reinstalled the Fing Desktop app (2.8.0) but still no difference. This has been going on since last August but I have not had the time to investigate.  Could it be that my Fing Box has developed a fault? Any other suggestions/ 
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    I also have found that Fing speed tests are completely unreliable.  Version 2.8.0 is consistently registering speeds 100 Mbps or more slower than every other test I can run.  Using all of the popular speed tests, I have tried different servers in an attempt to get results even close to Fing but no luck.  I have tried multiple connection points on my network using multiple known good cables and the results are the same.  I run back to back test after test and Fing is generally around 40% to 70% slower.  Maybe 1 out of 10 tests on Fing will show a more realistic speed.  Researching on this forum and finding this topic with posts from 2 years ago is very disappointing.  There are a lot of great features with the Fingbox but speed test is clearly not one of them.  I used the monthly report to open a case with my internet provider claiming that I wasn't getting the speed I was paying for and that turned out very embarrassing.  Hello Fing; any comments or progress on this issue?