Compromised iPhone?

I'm running Fing Desktop and Fing app, with a Fingbox connected to my Modem. I've been trying to figure out if my iPhone 11 (running 14.6) should show up with a ".lan" name extension. Does anyone else have a secure iPhone named ".lan"??

This phone has sketched me out recently, so I got a new phone. I now have 3 iPhones (1.another iPhone 11 for work, 2. this iPhone 11, and 3. a new iPhone 13). The naming issue is only seen on this particular phone, on both Fing Desktop and Fing app. This phone is never hardwired to ethernet. Whether the phone is in private Wi-fi browsing or not, Fing names both instances as ".lan" (please see screenshots below).

Neither of my other two iphones have a "Name", and neither of them have a ".lan" extension associated with them in Fing. I even reset the iPhone to factory settings.

Please see below:

Reset iPhone with Private Wifi MAC:

Reset iPhone with Private Wifi turned off:

(prior to reset) iPhone with Private Wifi turned on:

Can someone please help explain why this one phone has the .lan name in all instances?

This same phone also sometimes shows as "Heathernsiphone" with the "N" added and Fing created a separate user "Heathern". Is the naming a glitch observed in Fing?