Color night vision?

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So, getting in quick before Amazon announces new Ring or Blink products tomorrow, Netgear has launched  a new model of Arlo camera that boasts a "new" feature: color night vision (or "colour" as we say in the UK).
The new Arlo Pro 3 is a IP-65 rated camera for outdoor use that also boasts a beefed-up battery. It shoots video up to 2K and in full HDR - so quality should be superb.
Reading between the lines it looks like it's just the addition an LED spotlight which can come on with motion rather than some clever tech to squeeze more out of the "invisible" infra-red lighting and sensor. And is it even new - this feature was seen on the Arlo Ultra camera released earlier in the year.
Is colour night-vision the killer feature for an ip camera or are manufacturers just struggling to add features to bulk our specs of expensive cameras?
Any Arlo fans out there likely to add this to their set-up?
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