Fing (Win10) vs. Windows' "reliability and problem history"

[Win10 Pro 21H2 and earlier, 2 computers; Fing 2.7.0 and earlier.]

Windows 10 has a built in Reliability Monitor.  [Control Panel/Security & Maintenance/Maintenance] Fing is virtually the only problem that gets logged and has been doing this for a year or more.  See attached.  Perhaps something can be done about this....


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    Are you seeing any errors on Windows or fing desktop while using it? Fing desktop regularly scans the network every hour and it may be recorded over windows logs as well.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    I found logs of the failures:
    Source    Fing Agent Service
    Summary    Stopped working
    Date    ‎12/‎26/‎2021 7:30 AM
    Status    Report sent

    Faulting Application Path: C:\Program Files\Fing\resources\extraResources\fingagent.exe

    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: fingagent.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 614af8cb
    Fault Module Name: fingagent.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 614af8cb
    Exception Code: 40000015
    Exception Offset: 000e012e
    OS Version: 10.0.19044.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 4e3a
    Additional Information 2: 4e3a4489b27b844480f1a60d7f9ea483
    Additional Information 3: 26f1
    Additional Information 4: 26f17cdc2bac6978ee1687e80091d1b3

    Extra information about the problem
    Bucket ID: 89d7156fa57ea0e330b9c8f993fceb45 (1205215349553556293)
    I checked the details of a dozen or so failures on both computers and the data is identical for all reports across both.  I also tried downloading the .exe to install Fing on a third computer but was unable to download.  Just tried again, and it is downloading, but will be a day or two before I can install. 
    You mention that Fing scans every hour.  Looking at the timestamps, I can't see any pattern, or crashes tied to multiples of an hour.  (E.g.,  1:17, 2:17, 5:17)