Can anyone please explain how unknown devices are connecting to Network Via MoCa? How to prevent it

Just recently I’ve begun experiencing a problem

with numerous and frequent connections of unknown devices Connection type: MoCa. Fortunately I’m able to pause these devices but it’s an ongoing issue and a bit annoying receiving constant notifications of devices being connected and having to pause them. MoCA is how these freeloaders are connecting. I too live in an apartment. The outside terminal or what ever it’s called, is located right outside a window of downstairs neighbor’s unit to which they feel inclined to remove the cover and modify cables and what not. Numerous times I’ve requested t tech to come out and secure their OUTDOOR equipment. It’s like pulling teeth. So now I’ve noticed the bottom of the terminal is broken where it meets the ground and cables and wires are now running from the hole directly into neighbor’s unit…. And their service provider is AT&T (separate terminal. It’s ridiculously how I’m paying $100 a month to supply internet to half the block. I’ve opted out of “sharing xfinitywifi hotspot, disabled it on all platforms /apps etc but it’s still active. My personal pc (Ethernet) also will act as a access point on behalf of Xfinity as well even after I’ve configured it not to but it keeps auto reconfiguring. Also I have another router on my network UpNP port forwarding and resetting router is only a temp fix by the end of the day all settings reconfigure back to sharing my private network with the world . Xfinity needs to be held accountable for that  There is no such thing as disabling they use customers in every aspect expand their signals and line their pockets. The only other option is to purchase my own router hopefully that will cut out all the feed 1 feed 2 and many other multiple access points they are triggering my devices to provide for everyone. The other night my gateway auto rebooted outside of its usual time to which I was unable to join my own network upon restarting . When I finally was able to access my own private network I notice my Xfinity iPhone and gateway had the same IP address Could anyone please explain ? That’s the first time Thats happen. My iPhoneSo my phone was acting as a public access point as well. Most of the issues with my service NOT 1 single xfinity rep I’ve came across has no knowledge of the services they provide and or unable to clearly explain what is going on with anything . Most online search results provide technical information but not much help if Xfinity dismisses, Denies, and or takes futile to no action @resolving issues.. minimal acknowledgement there are issues present ? YES but transparent/ knowledgeable detailed info, or any info at that as to WHAT HOW WHY (let alone effective resolution) NO ! Denial = No action and so on . Please refer to screenshot JUST NOW taken of my Fing app device scan , note the only 2 of those connected devices are mine my I phone and my gateway highlighted in pink ..also see the 2nd router that I can’t remove from my paid private services it’s the last device it’s a Cisco router … mine is an arris

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    Well, I'm a "Plebe" when it deals with computer tech items, except for working with different apps. But that's not brother spent 12 years of his life working for Time Warner Cable (he said it was living hell, his words not mine). Anyway, I've been having very similar issues only it has to deal with two "specific" cretins who want to hack into my computer (sucking off my Wi-Fi wasn't good enough)...his advice was get a better firewall, and/or a second firewall. He said that should almost guarantee no more "bleeding/hacking."