Duplicate MAC address blocking

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Hello, I have a problem that several have already discussed in this forum - but I'm not sure I completely understood the answer.  I am looking for a solution to the scenario where my child changes his MAC address to avoid parental controls.  I understand that fingbox will block him if he signs on with a new MAC address.  It is not clear to me whether fingbox will block him if he uses an existing MAC address (ie., one that is already connected to the network).  


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    If he spoofs an existing Mac address that fing isn't blocking he won't be blocked. There is no fing based solution for that loophole that I know of.
     If you have a decent router you may be able to bind IP and Mac addresses so the router would block traffic when the IP and Mac address didn't match the whitelist. If he did spoof a Mac with the matching address, he would get a IP conflict with the device already on the network, but he could. Always disconnect power to take the device off the network to prevent the IP conflict.
    I suggest creating a 2nd SSID for him and put everything else with credentials he doesn't have. If you are using a rented DSL or cable modem router, you probably can't even manage the second SSID anyway.