How do I get them to stop!? My ex is monitoring my internet with this app and stalking me and what I do through it!


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    That was terrible.

    I think you can login to your router change Wi-Fi’s SSID & password, hide your SSID, and make a MAC address white list.

    hope this help

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    Use a VPN if you want to or find your ex's phone or laptops mac address and block it from your router

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    Or maybe you need to be monitored? Sometimes people play victim when they very much are not...

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    Well then explain this

    Next time don't point fingers like an idiot

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    Probably the most sinister comment I've ever read

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    Not that I'm defending the guy who's victim blaming but I don't actually know what you're trying to show here

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    Folks please try to keep the conversation civil.  

    @Unwanted423, the Fing app or desktop cannot be used to see what sites your visiting etc....  That needs to happen at your router, proxy or possibly by something like Wireshark monitoring all communications on the wire.  But Fing, not so much...
    Thats Daphnee, she's a good dog...
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    I'm a bit late to this conversation, but one thing has not been mentioned. If you have changed the WiFi password your ex could still get into your wireless network if he (?) has physical access to your wireless router. He could press the WPS button on the router and connect to your wireless network without needing to know the password. If your ex cannot get into the same room as your wireless router then of course forget my comment.
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    Another point that has not been mentioned in this thread is the possibility that some devices legitimately in your wireless network have been flagged as suspicious because they are changing their MAC address. (Disclaimer: I do not know whether this would lead to the suspicious flag.). A family member had an iPhone XS that was doing that. It was disconcerting to see previously unknown generic devices that the Fing app could not identify, appearing in the network. We only found out who it was by a process of elimination and then switched off the MAC change feature in the iPhone.