How do I contact the Fing security team to report a vulnerability?

I checked various links and wasn't able to find a way to contact the team.


  • Dylan_From_Fing
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    How can we help you? I can create a ticket on your behalf if you want to give me some information on your issue. 
    Dylan (Admin at Fing)
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    Oh yes please post security vulnerabilities here for all to see, as requested by the Fing admin, so that they can help to create a ticket for us. Very nice of them to help!

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    I heard WHOOSH

  • Justice
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    I wondered whether persons can download the fing app and access the fing community even if they don’t own a Fingbox. It’s possible that a hacker could come into the community room and ask questions and get answers on how to that open devices to vulnerabilities. Some of the questions on the board lend themselves to that type of thing.

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    my wifi seacurty only

  • Marc
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    I don’t think someone would need this forum for help in hacking a device. Once they know the base os on any device, I think they would focus on breaking that.  
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