Why a scan for cameras don’t even show my home security system

I have a question for anyone that may have a answer but I am new to the app and I have purchased the account and paid for it and then I go and scan for devices or camera’s and such and the good news is nothing showed up on the other hand neither did the cameras on my home security system and it has 4 cameras??? Why did it not show up anything on my security system and I am wondering if I just wasted $3 and the app actually doesn’t work and it is a joke or does it actually work and there is a different answer to why it doesn’t show my system and does this app actually work??? Help please and thank you to anyone who helps or tries because I am not very technically advanced when it comes to computers like this but I can program CNC’s machines like it is 2nd nature!🤷‍♂️


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    Hi @machinemike
    Are your cameras connected to same access point as the Fing device is connected? What kind of network set up do you have? 
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    Maybe your cameras are on a different sub net mask connected to the NVR. Do you see your DVR or NVR if you have one?

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    Do you have more than one router in the house? If the cameras are connected to a second router they won’t show on Fingbox. I had to do that once when a hacker was trying to knockdown my WiFi security. Just connected them to second router.