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How do I mitigate an issue with my wifi being shared without consent?


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    Hi @P_facilitator, there are a number of threads on the forums on this very topic if you search for them.  The first one that comes to mind is to change your WiFi SSID and password.  The password should be changed to something complex and long.  While you're doing all this, also change the router admin password, also complex and long.  Reboot the router.  This will drop all connections and let you start over again.  Of course the issue here is that you will need to go to each of your wifi devices and add the new SSID and password so they can connect.  If you have a guest network, make sure you disable it if your not using it or do the same changes to it.

    You will also see things like whitelists, where you can preconfigure who can join your network by Mac address and blacklists, where you can explicitly deny hosts from connecting.  Any of these will work as long as your router support it...  
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