Unable to Log In to Fing Desktop

Snarkfish Member Posts: 1
"Authentication failed! Try again or check your connection."

Windows 7

Trying to login both with clicking the 'Copy Link Code', and clicking 'Open Fing Desktop'. When doing so, I get the screen shown in the above screen shot with the red text indicating that the Authentication Failed.

SSO is a wonderful thing, but it seems to me that if there were simple 'username / password' login fields here I would be able to sign in... Oh well, either way, I appreciate any help you guys can provide!

I'm new to the Fing community, though I've been using Fing for around 5+ years I believe, and I've always found it to be quite an impressive app, especially compared to some of the other Google Play offerings for other programs in the same ballpark, that is, if anything actually comes close.

I realize that there may be some holes in the information i've provided, but LMK if more info is required and I shall try to provide!

Thanks! :)