FING does not remember devices with their MAC address :(

Hi there, I set up FING FOR DESKTOP (on MacBook pro), great tool, detected all the 43 wifi devices I got at home. It took me an hour or so to identify each of them, change the name and indicate the device brand and type. All was fine. Each device has its own MAC address. Got DHCP IP address assignment.
This morning, I log on FING and it does not recognize many of the devices which have changed IP address, instead of recognizing them with MAC address which has not change. As a result for same MAC address I got the device identified by its name with all details, but appearing disconnected (light grey), while another entry with same MAC address appears connected but without any of the details it took so long to update at first set up.
Anyone knows any option to avoid this and recognize devices with the details entered for their MAC address initially? otherwise FING is pointless for a DHCP router, no way I can verify every day that no alien hacker has connected to my network without spending an hour identifying again each of my own devices.


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    Hi @matoux are you looking at the desktop network?

    Click on the My Network link….

    Your desktop network will be prefixed dm so will look like the image below and may be disconnected, click on it to connect. Hopefully that’s all the problem is, please check & report back.