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Hi there,

every day I get such a warning of a bad connectivity which is resolved 1 minute later (see attached image). There seems to be a timeout, possibly because I use a hybrid modem - (slow) DSL and mobile internet (depending on the demand). In the region where I live, this is the most stable and fastest possible internet connection I can get at the moment.

BTW. : Both the latest versions of Fing 2.7.1 and 2.7.2 only told me to do an install, but didn't. I had to do that manually. The files were downloaded correctly but not executed.



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    Hi, there seems to be a similar report, it’s worth adding a comment there as it may be a common issue & solution….
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    Thank you, Pixel!
    What I forgot to mention: I get my error message only once a day on Windows start, so there seems to be a difference to the problem of SimoneSpinozzi.

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    The notification you are referring comes when your device was either in sleep mode or the Fing desktop was unable to connect to the internet. When you click on the notification, it takes you to home tab to either re-run the scan or check if there is any error. When you manually scan or refresh the network, then Fing desktop re-runs the network scan and is able to talk to its servers and run the checks identifying everything is working alright.  

    The Connectivity alert is only for that particular time when Fing desktop was unable to run checks due to the device was in sleep mode or the internet was disconnected. You can always refresh the scan to make sure if everything is working alright at the current time.  

    Fing desktop runs the scan every 40-60 mins for free users and 5-20 mins for premium users.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Thank you, Robin!
    The notification is not really a problem, but annoying and unnecessary, because Fing tells me every time one minute later without a refresh that everything is working perfectly. So I thought there must be a timeout which could be set to wait a few moments longer before stating a connection error.