i see you have added people to Fing desktop too...

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What i find a bit annoying is that the fingbox with fing app, fing site, and fing desktop... do not "talk" to each other.

So i am constantly having to manage three different things made by the same company which show different situations.

On the fing app i have been using the "people" function for quite a while.

Today i see that with update 2.7.2 we got that on fing desktop too... aaand...

Yyyyay! Once again all customization have to be recreated manually from scratch.

This is a boring thing to do. If i make one change on one of the 3 i should (in theory) be able to see the same change everywhere. They (should, in theory,) use the same database and therefore have the same information! Why the same user has to recreate everything from scratch everywhere?! 😅
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