Strange Huawei connectivity issues

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We have 2 Huawei phones (P10 plus and P30 Pro) in my house which connect to the wifi but don't seem to get internet. Except in rare cases as described below.

Neither have a SIM. I'm setting them up for the kids. Both have been fully reset to factory settings and latest software update applied.

I run Fing on them and they can see other devices on the network, including the router.

In the CURRENT WIFI section, if I go to the "Internet" tab. It says "No internet connection"

In the WIFI INTERNET PROVIDER section, it shows "Three" which is my internet provider. I run a speed test and it seems to work out ok.

I would rather not use Huawei stuff at all, but these are the ones I have.

I can connect these devices to a hotspot on my iPhone and the problem just disappears. We don't have wifi problems like this with any other devices in the house except for these 2 huaweis.

I would really appreciate any thoughts or advice on this that you may have.

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    Thanks @Pixel. I don't have a fingbox. Reason I landed on these forums was that I was using the app to investigate and saw that the forums were attached.

    The SIM issue is something I could try, but I have to say I'm dubious. The P30 has been my wife's phone up till recently and she has always complained that it wasn't working well (if at all) on the wifi. She did have a SIM, of course. Her resolution was just to turn off wifi and use the mobile data, which she ended up doing basically all the time.

    That said, I'll look into getting the phone's unlock codes and see if these help. Thanks for the advice.


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    Hi @frandrastic I’m assuming that being on 3 network that you’re in the UK!

    A couple of thoughts to start with…

    First, if you have a fingbox, is fing blocking the phones? Check for blocked items under the security tab.

    The fact that your mobiles don’t have sims might be the issue as the phones, I’m guessing, might previously have been locked to a mobile provider’s network and the absence of a sim card may be causing some security issues & hence being blocked (can you try a sim in the kids phones?).