Hacked badly. Just like others I'm reading about

Ddossed in January. Whole network is intruded. 20+ devices got infected. Lost 12 or more of those. Bad Spyware. Log files left behind. They have compete control. I know who the hacker is. Police dgaf. Hacker assaulted my son. Can't factory reset. Well I can but it's pointless. Hackers have files in the nodes that are un touchable


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    Are you still facing this issue in nov 2021?

    if you know the person and don’t have the knowledge to handle it try to get proof it was him. Set him up or set a trap and record it. You need evidence. Think long and hard ab how you could get him to slip then plot. Make sure your plan is flawless and make sure you have no loose ends. Violence is not the answer the hacker must be hacked.

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    th whole “set him up”, seems like a lot of work to me. But if you do, study about creating “honey pots”, I know people who “catch/have evidence” by setting up simple honey 🍯