Customization sync between fingbox and saved networks is impossible

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I want to sync customization between fingbox network discovery and android phone app scanned networks.
If I go to my account I find the two nework, but only the second one has a merge or sync funcionality, but it doesn't see the fingbox scanned network.



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    if you have a Fingbox and you are using a Fing Dekstop/Fing app, then you will see two networks, one from the Fingbox(monitored network) and one from the Fing Desktop/Fing app(Manually scanned network).

     As Fing Desktop is a separate product, it works separately and does not integrate with Fingbox as of the moment. If something changes with future release then we will let all users know. 
    Also, if you are using an Apple device, then as apple restricted from identifying he MAC addresses, then Fing App may create multiple networks provided Fing App is unable to read the MAC address and recognise if the devices are coming from same network or different. Only the network from Fing mobile app and Fing Desktop can merge, given the MAC address is being able to read by the Fing App. And if you select the Fing Desktop network from the Fing mobile app(not the Fingbox network) then if you have made any changes to Fing Desktop devices, you can view same on Fing mobile app. 
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