Why is Fing showing that I have 2 active APs? I only have 1.

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Hello Fing community! 

Fing is reporting that I have 2 active APs. One appears to be my ethernet connection but none of my devices are hardwired (and why would the ethernet connection have a wireless strength reading at all?) . Apparently one of my Apple products was up on the ethernet connection which is odd since again, it's not a device that was wired in.

The first AP IP is my router, the second one is my hardwired desktop IP (I switch between wired and wireless. It's normal for the ethernet connection to have a separate IP address, correct?) 

What's even more bizarre is that between the time I opened this post and wrote the first paragraph and now, my Fing desktop is now has notifications for all devices turned off and isn't picking up a network.  

I just installed the updated Fing desktop application on my Mac. 

Any guidance from the library of knowledge that exists within the community would be amazing :) 




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    Each router has multiple network interface which provides multiple frequencies(2.4Ghz and 5Ghz), and the devices are able to connect to multiple access points and that is why you are getting 2 AP instead of one.
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