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Fing shows an unknown device ( listed as generic, ip address on my network. When I click remove device it almost immediately reconnected. However my xfinity account does not show this device listed at all. I spoke to xfinity and all they could tell me was this is a XB7 modem based on the IP address I gave them and encouraged me to get a new router.




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    hi @Jmdjr you can check the mac address of your unknown device at https://dnschecker.org/mac-lookup.php this may help to resolve the matter. I would not consider a new router at this stage and it is possible that the device has been misidentified.
    Mac addresses are often visible on devices, printed on the serial number labels, alternatively you can check the mac addresses in your fing web account. 
    It can be laborious but you will get peace of mind after you resolve it (& learn a lot about your network on the way to a resolution).
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    Thanks @Pixel !

    I accounted for all my devices connected referencing IP Addresses, this is the one I do not have a device for. All of the MAC addresses are the same, which seems like a generic address. 

    I did get a new router from Xfinity, and the device is no longer listed..