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Anyone ever seen this?

discovered I am open broadcasting bt to any and everyone.

apple says “impossible” closed the ticket. Can’t remove them or stop the handshake as I’m never given an approval request.

the only one that’s mine is the jib true…notice it has the blue info option where I can remove it…all the others don’t so I can’t kick them off.

also they are hidden. It was an accident I found it through an app the developer is afraid to own up to bc of true privacy invasion. But it’s not his app that’s doing it, his app just revealed it.


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    That's interesting.  As soon as you open up the bluetooth settings app in IOS, you do start broadcasting your availability but devices should not be connecting till you allow them or if they had previously been connected.  On the other hand, if the bluetooth settings app is not running on my iPhone, other bluetooth devices do not see it as far as I can see as I've confirmed on my Mac and Windows PC.  
    This is just my systems behavior...  Wonder if other folks see something differently??
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    You know? That’s a great question? I have 4? 5? Old phones I play around with (just because I have them 👽) snd I never thought to try and see what happens if I turn on all the Bluetooth settings and see if my phones sync to the iPhone. I’ve been afraid to ask my neighbors bc ehst if they are seeing ME sync with their devices and are getting upset or thinking they are being hacked as I am thinking the same about anyone who would willingly allow their device to sync to mine. I’ve been fighting with apple and Verizon to fry me off of thst phone and both never considered the issue to be if any importance to want to expedite s replacement to which I have yet to qualify for. that iphone does s lot more than just sync to other devices…..it’s got s mind if it’s own. There’s s shadow that follows transitioning from landscape to portrait, I’ve been interested in geofencing snd up mapping snd both apps I’ve been using to help me understand ip mapping have my device going to snd from specific locations I’ve never been even close to. The app developers say they don’t understand it either. They say they’re apps only track the device the app is on….(pic attached..one cluster is where I live snd the other is where I’ve never been ever, let alone that many times. I’ve factory reset it four times….nothing gets the bugs out snd apple doesn’t wanna admit it’s vulnerability on their latest phone snd software. So they collect all my logs regularly and then never get back to me about s solution.