Why does Fing always say no network (laptop, wi-fi) at start-up?

Every time the laptop starts, Fing logs that there's no network before logging that there is less than a minute later. I can only assume that Fing is scanning for the network before the driver connects?

I have Fing on a slower laptop that never has this issue.

Any obvious solution?


  • Marc
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    Hey @TheBarneyDog, is this Fing for macOS or Windows?  Are you using the latest version of the Fing desktop, 2.7.1?
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  • Robin_Ex_Fing
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    Thanks @Marc

     I believe the notification you are referring to is the connectivity alert when your device was either in sleep mode or the Fing desktop was unable to connect to the internet. When you manually scan or refresh the network, then Fing desktop re-runs the network scan and is able to talk to its servers and run the checks identifying everything is working alright. 

    The Connectivity alert is only for that particular time when Fing desktop was unable to run checks due to the device was in sleep mode or the internet was disconnected. You can always refresh the scan to make sure if everything is working alright at the current time. 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • TheBarneyDog
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    Hi @Marc, @Robin_from_Fing

    I'm using Fing Desktop 2.7.1 on Windows 11 (just upgraded).

    This particular issue only occurs on this laptop (since new) and I've got an older one (on which I'm sending this) running Windows 10 that originally had Fing installed.  This laptop never had this issue.

    I don't put the laptop to sleep, always shut down and then start up if I need to use (clears all the crap).

    As my newer PC is running an i9 and has 32GB RAM, I'm wondering if it all loads so fast Fing thinks the network is down because Wi-Fi isn't finished connecting? Although the start up screen suggests it's connected before I log in.

    Not a major problem, just a niggle.