IP conflict detection

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I have my own server and IP cameras connected to TP-Link Deco mesh system and assigned a static IP to my server. After the mesh system reboots and sometimes I got an IP conflict, so I cannot access my server and I cannot access or display IP cameras.

To resolve this by restarting the router/mesh system or re-assingn an IP address on your device.

Can you add IP conflict detection to the Fing app?
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    @LukasTh3rd, have you tried reserving the IP address the server is using in your DHCP admin utility?  That should keep any other system from using it.  As for the request, I've converted this to an idea where it can be voted on by other forum members.  Fing also views these ...  Please upvote it.
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    I agree that an IP conflict tool or alert would be a great tool to have within the Fing desktop application.