IP address alert, but Fing can't see the device

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Hi. Today I started getting an alert that a device with IP address XYZ just appeared on my network. No problem (or so I thought), but when I opened the Fing app in an attempt to identify the device, no device with the IP in the the alert is in the list of devices. Seems like there is a device that keeps appearing on my network which Fing notices appearing, but that doesn't show up in the list of devices. The IP only shows up in the alert message. Anyone ever have a problem like this? How can I identify what this device is?



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    @SteveInMA, check your display filters and make sure you have display all devices selected.  Then check again to see if you can see the device.  If your filtering on live devices, then it would disappear from the display once its no longer on line.
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