DHCP not found, yet DHCP search doesn't bring up an error

I know this has been raised in different ways before, but this seems to be nonsensical.
Regularly Fing reports DHCP is not healthy, but everything is working fine.  DHCP discovery completes, but never reports anything.  Please can Fing do something about this?
I know that the notification can be muted, but that's not the point, if there is a problem it needs to be resolved and not side-stepped.
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  • Robin_Ex_Fing
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    Do you have any Wifi repeater on your network? 

    We have seen that if user has repeater (Wifi Range Extender) and it is configured with a DHCP server  (Networks > DHCP Settings ) as "AUTO" then if you disable the DHCP Server, you must have another DHCP server within your network or else you must configure the IP address of the computer manually. 

    If you find a router or repeater with DHCP Server active or auto-configured, try to disable it and it will resolve the issue. 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • Steve_b
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    Hi Robin.
    I have not, and never had a second DHCP on the network.  Please see screenshot.  Yes I have a WiFi extender but his is not the culprit, it does not have a DHCP service.