How to not lose connection on an LG TV

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Hi people,
I hope somebody can help, I have connect my LG TV to an automation system and it is controlled via IP for everything including power. When I turn the TV off to standby I get a notification that I've lost the connection but of course I can turn the TV back on via IP, it's using port 9761.
How can I change the monitoring to this port (I'm assuming it's alive) so I only get a notification of disconnection when the power has been removed or the data cable has been removed?


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    Hey @saspa, you can't set the Fing desktop to only monitor a specific port for a discovered device as far as I know.  The best I could do was to set custom targets with ports in the general health check.  With this method, I could have it look at my routers port 80 by using this URL in the custom target list, .  This is not a monitor and requires you to have a premium version but can be done as part of the apps health check.  I don't think its quite what your looking for though, correct?
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