"fing -n" CLI behave differently under Windows and Raspbian (fing 5.5.2 for both)

typing "fing -n" using fing CLI under Windows leads after scanning to a list with all hosts which are "up" and if reached before also "down".

Using the same command under Raspbian ist starts with "Discovery round starting" but stucks after a while (and does not go on anymore) The Windows version of Fing CLI does not stop and repeats the search as it should be.

(unfortunatly the same beaviour with "fing" only).

Does someone have any ideas why?


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    Installing on a further Raspberry Pi I got the same result.
    fing is installed at /usr/bin/ ("where fing"). Rights are 755 (rwxr-xr-x).

    by accident I tried to run fing with su-rights (sudo) - and it worked.
    which libraries does fing CLI (fing-5.5.2_armhf.deb) use that it runs under the "pi" account, but gets stuck after some devices found?