Arris media player does not always appear that way

When I perform a scan sometimes an Arris media player only comes up as the name it was apparently given as "Den".  This happens when my husbands iphone and ipad are online.  When he leaves for work he makes his devices offline and then the Arris device comes up as Arris Media Player VMS4100.  I have had the feeling that he has connected an amazon device like an echo or dot to our system, but nothing like that shows up when I do a scan.  Can anyone shed light on this?


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    Hi, firstly, when your husband leaves the house/network & he takes devices with him or switches them off they will automatically be detected as “offline” and Fing will reflect that state on any scan on the network.
    I suspect that the name change may vary as when online his name edits will show, when offline the default name will show (@robin_from_fing may be able to advise on this).
    Amazon echo devices usually show up as a linux device (the operating system) until the name is edited to something meaningful e.g. “Echo Dot Kitchen.” A quick chat with your husband should clarify the 
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    Thank you for answering  so do you mean that the echo is coming up as an arris until the name “den” -the name it has been given it detected?  An echo show 65s shows up when I connect my wireless earbuds  but I assumed they were the next door neighbors as it wouldn’t let me pair to it   I’ve recently become legally blind and I feel like I’m being taken advantage of  
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    Maybe a stupid question, but it wouldn't be my first. Is the device, by chance located in your den and it may be showing its location rather than its name?