Charge for "Google *finglimited"

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My card has been getting a $.99 charge quarterly since 3/15/2020.
Since I recognized the name Google and Fing I didn't question it: I receive small periodic charges for Google storage and I pay for Fing service thru my iPhone.
But I couldn't account for a quarterly charge for $.99 from Fing or Google.

The line on my card statement gave a phone number: 855-836-3987 CA, so I called. You can't get past the opening recording unless you "press 1" to enter some sort of giveaway. After pressing 1, the guy wouldn't let me talk to anyone about the charge but wanted other info from me (mail address, etc). I told him I would protest all the charges w my card company (Chase) unless I could get some info fr him. He said contact the card company and then hung up.

I contacted Chase and they are going to reverse all the charges.

Just a "heads up". I hope that I am correct and that neither Fing or Google are responsible for these charges.

I'm loving Google and Fing