Fing Tutorial: How to use new "security" tab in Fing app and Fing desktop?

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Hi all,

Please check the new Fing app version which introduces a new "Security" tab and provides you more control over your network.

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  • reygio349
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    If you have a Fingbox which does all the monitoring and troubleshooting the network do i still need to have the desktop app? My desktop is not ON all the time so it's useless .

    Fingbox is ON all the time and is connected directly to the router to monitor the Home network . That's why I bought the box as a contributor at the start ( startup phase) then I bought the 2nd generation box . I don't know why there's a lot of buzz for the desktop app. Everytime I open the mobile app I got this pop-up about the desktop app which is so annoying.

    Isn't it that the Fingbox is the most important part of this security system?

  • Karl_From_Fing
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    Hey @reygio349
    You don't need to have the Desktop App too, and a lot of the features from Desktop are similar to Fingbox (though Fingbox would carry of course more functionality), so it's up to you if you would like to install the Desktop version too.