People/users defined in iOS app not transferred to Fing Desktop?

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I haven't found an answer yet on this forum or FAQ and forgive me if it has been answered before.

- own a Fingbox since the very beginning
- use Fing on iOS (14) regularly
- started the premium trial today
- just installed the desktop app for Windows (2.7.0)

In the iOS app I have several People (users) defined with allocated devices. The desktop app shows no people at all and offers me the opportunity to "Add user". Where are my users that are visible in the iOS app?

The "Devices" tab on Desktop shows a name tag in the Name column for a few devices but this is not the same and also uses different names than the one I defined in the iOS app

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    Hi @MarcS
    To address this, Fing desktop is still a separate product than Fingbox. If you are using Fingbox then the people tab will not be transferred to Fing desktop.

    If you create new users on Fing desktop then you can manage that via Fing mobile app. 
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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