In the Fing desktop App Full Report, how does it determine what AntiVirus programs are installed?

Under Antivirus installed in the Full report, it lists four AV installations, two of which are the same product

All the products listed were installed at times in the past, but are not any more 

Where does it get this information from?

Windows 10
Fing Desktop 2.7.0


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    @ninjaFromNZ, did you check windows services and are the AV services no longer used / running and removed as well?  There could be so many places Fing might be looking like the registry, old install directories etc...  Could you look to see if there are any residual imprints of the anti virus installs it's seeing?

    @Robin_from_Fing, looking for you input please as well.  Could you answer to exactly where Fing looks to see if Antivirus is installed?
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    It looks like there is a registry key located at 
    Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center\Provider\Av

    which has entries.  ESET is the party that is guilty of not cleaning up after itself when uninstalled

    It is strange that the Fing report lists ESET twice, even though I can only find one registry key for it