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Most of my devices are listed with the names I've given them, but a few are generic or have old names I wish to update. If I select a device & attempt to change either the associated image or name I get "device not found" & "It seems that your device isn't in your discovery any more. Please come back to devices page." - when I do the device is still there with the generic icon & its old name

Any ideas as to how I can restore the old ability to update the names & icons?


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    Hey @crishog, by any chance are any of the devices you are having issues with set up for private network addressing?  This is where the MAC address changes from what the actual MAC is on the device randomly.

    This will mess with Fings discovery process permanence.  If you do, you will need to turn it off on the devices that have it, just on the network Fing is discovering.
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