Apple ID Email Hidden, can't sign into Fing Desktop App

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The title is fairly self-explanatory.  I signed up with a premium account on my iPhone, and accidentally used the "Hide Email" option.  Now, when I try to sign into my desktop app, neither the relay email, nor my true email will let me sign in.  I was wondering if I could migrate it to either my true email, or another email entirely?  Any help would be amazing.  Thanks!


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    Hi @troyh24

    To address your query, your Fing account email address is an apple relay email address. Is that right? So, if you want to use Fing desktop and sign in then you need to create a manual password for the Fing account i.e. your Apple relay email address.

    You can create/reset your password from here: 

    After that you can sign in manually with apple relay email address and password and it will work on Fing desktop as well. 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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