IP confusion

I have a Samsung modem/router combo plugged in via a coax cable, and that is connected to a Disney Circle via Ethernet. I have three hp laptops, a chromebook and four smart TVs, all connected wirelessly to my router.

I have a very simple set up, and I can see this reflected on the Fing app on my phone. But if I run a Fing scan on my chromebook, it shows a 100.115.xx.xx IP that is only connected to my TV (also a 100.115.xx.xx IP), as if my TV were a router. I don’t understand why this is.




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    Hi @AnotherWife

    Currently, Chromebook is not supported for Fing App. 

    Unfortunately, Chromebooks create a Virtual Network that isolates the device from exploring the real network. That is why when you run a scan you will see only one device. At this time, there is no fix for that. 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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